Another step in the long (and excruciatingly slow) march of the teabaggers into oblivion…

New Jersey Senate Candidate Dismisses Climate Change Warnings As ‘Silly Hysteria’ | ThinkProgress

For New Jersey’s likely Republican nominee for Senate, it’s not enough that 97 percent of relevant scientific studies agree that man-made climate change is occurring. To him, warnings of the impacts of increasing temperatures are just “silly hysteria.”

Tea Party candidate Steve Lonegan, former Mayor of Bogota, N.J., shot back at a video Democratic candidate Rush Holt’s campaign made on climate change, in which Holt calls the consequences of a warming planet “lethal” and comes out in favor of a carbon tax. Lonegan, who is likely to win the Rebublican nomination for Senate but is a long-shot against Democratic favorite Cory Booker, quickly crafted a press release condemning Holt’s remarks:

Congressman Holt is attempting to salvage his long-shot candidacy with this ultra-left-wing idea of cap and trade that, if implemented, would force New Jersey’s working families to pay higher taxes for energy, and drive more American jobs overseas.

I signed the No Climate Tax pledge because I oppose the idea of making consumers pay more to fight the silly hysteria that Congressman Holt puts forward in his web video. Unfortunately, all the candidates on the Democrat side, along with President Obama, support this view.

These people can’t disappear fast enough.