Since the same sex marriage debate has been front and center in the past few years, christians have been beating us up with the “biblical definition of marriage” which we all know is pretty varied and not completely nailed down there. Pointing to Adam clinging to Eve and becoming one flesh is contradicted in many places where near-eastern polygamy reared it’s non-condemned head.

Again, while in a groggy state this morning, this story came across the NPR airwaves about a recent study (two actually) that might give new insight into just why some mammal species evolved to be monogamous. No bible needed, no Yahweh needed, just survival, brains…and maybe love? Have a listen…

For Some Mammals It’s One Love, But Reasons Still Unclear : NPR

Fewer than 10 percent of all mammal species are monogamous. In fact, biologists have long disagreed over why monogamy exists at all. That’s the subject of two studies published this week — and they come to different conclusions.